Fire protection is of paramount importance to us all, despite this in our everyday lives, it is often overlooked or taken for granted. For businesses however, the burden of responsibility imposed by H&S Law and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, is both great and unforgiving.

Valley Fire Protection offer an extensive range of quality fire safety products, services and training courses, designed to keep you legally compliant, moreover, safe. Our Fire Safety Engineers are qualified to I.F.E.D.A. specifications, meeting the requirements of British Standard 5306 Part 3.

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Fire Risk Assessments – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has replaced the outdated Fire Precautions Act. The inspection of premises and the issuing of Fire Safety Certificates by Fire Officers has been replaced by the nomination of a responsible person. This ‘responsible person’ has many lawful responsibilities, including carrying out a fire risk assessment. This in-house expertise is often lacking, Valley Fire Protection can provide professional and cost effective coaching and support services.
Fire Fighting Equipment and mandatory fire signs – Here, you will find information about the types (or classes) of fire and, our wide range of portable fire fighting and ancillary products to deal with these risks. All our products are competitively priced and BS kite-marked – we do not supply cheap foreign imports. Details regarding scheduled inspections and maintenance of fire extinguishers can also be found here.
Fire Safety Training – We provide a range of training services to suit all needs. From basic fire safety awareness sessions, identification and the correct use of fire fighting equipment, to in depth Fire Marshall training courses. All our training courses are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients, employees and the nature of the premises.
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – A range of modern systems is offered to meet insurance company and industry specification needs.
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Arson in the workplace – understand the issue

Arson is the single most common cause of fire in business premises. 45% of all serious fires are a result of arson. Much of this is not targetted either – the vast majority of arson attacks are down to opportunist vandalism. Up to 80% of businesses never fully recover from a serious fire – don’t let your business become another statistic.

The owner or employer in every workplace has legal responsibility for carrying out a fire risk assessment. This includes identifying the risk of arson and acting to reduce it. By doing this you can protect your business, the jobs and safety of your employees, your stock, your premises and the service you provide to the community.

The first step is to carry out a very simple risk assessment – try and think about where your premises are particularly vulnerable. A sensible ranking of your particular risks will enable you to make the best use of the time you can devote to reducing your risk of arson. This will be more fruitful than putting things off until you can deal with everything at once.

Once you’ve identified where you may be particularly vulnerable (rubbish piled up, flat roofs next to your premises and so on), work out an action plan to help ensure your business will be safe from arson.

Take responsibility

In any business, the owner or manager is responsible for fire safety.
As the responsible person, you need first to think of all the ways in which someone could start a fire deliberately – inside or outside the premises.
Have there been small fires in your premises previously? Have you heard about other fires occurring locally? If so, tell the police and be on the look-out. Small fires are all too often a warning of worse to come.
Be on the look-out for other forms of vandalism. If graffiti or damage is not cleared up immediately, it can make the area a target for minor arson – which can quickly become more serious.
As part of staff training, remind all employees of the arson threat and ask them to report any suspicious behaviour – by anyone!

Check and check again!

First thing each business day ensure that fire extinguishers and hose reels are ready for use, fire escape doors are unlocked and fire doors are not wedged open.
Carry out periodic inspections to ensure that all parts of the premises are safe, there are no “hidden” fires, and that the drill for dealing with unattended items can be put into immediate effect.
If your business welcomes numerous visitors or suppliers onto the premises, ensure that they do not have access to staff-only areas. More secure sites need to maintain their security.
Before locking up for the night, make sure that there are no obvious dangers left behind and that no combustible material is lying around, no unauthorised people are left on the premises, all doors and windows are securely fastened, alarms and security lighting are switched on.
Each week, check that the security system, smoke alarm and sprinkler system are fully operational.

Be vigilant

Are you a target? Most arson fires affecting business start outside the premises. The culprits are often young vandals who’s motive is to cause trouble. They are opportunists who light their fires with anything readily to hand – rubbish, packaging, waste in open skips etc.
How easily could a fire be started or an incendiary device be concealed? Arsonists also strike inside the premises – a member of staff with a grudge, or others trying to make a point or cover up another crime.
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