We supply a consistently professional service to the licensed trade, private parties, weddings, corporate entertainment, nightclubs door_supervisorsplus other venues and events where conflict or potential conflict situations must be professionally managed.

Our Door Supervisors, colloquially known as bouncers, doormen or door stewards, are licensed, fire safety trained, insured and masters in the art of conflict management.

Skilled in identifying the early signs of alchohol/drugs abuse, too often the cause of conflict, our people are positively and discreetly proactive in the delivery of their service, thus preventing harmful and costly escalation.

Operating in teams, including female and male staff, our people are acutely aware of the first and last impressions that will be made by clients and consumers, as a direct result of the services delivered by door staff.

Door Supervisor Training:

In order to qualify for a SIA Door Supervisors License, in addition to criminality vetting, applicants must have received formal industry and role specific training. The scope of Door Supervisor training comprises:

Part 1 – Role and Responsibilities of Door Supervisors in the Security Industry Environment (14 hours)
Introduction to the Role and the Leisure and Security Industries
Standards of Behaviour
Civil and Criminal Law
Drugs Awareness
Recording Incidents and Crime Scene Preservation
Licensing Law
Equal Opportunities
Health and Safety at Work Act
Emergency Procedures

Part 2 – Communication Skills and Conflict Management (14 hours)

Introduction to Communication Skills and Conflict Management
Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management
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